Christmas in Florida


Oh how I wish I was back in Florida sipping on banana daiquiris and laying in the sun. This cold weather is bringing me down and I really don’t know how I am going to survive 2 more months of frigid weather. Maybe I’ll book another vacay to escape… For now – let’s chat about…

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Friday Favourites

day designer

Hi! I’m back from a crazy holiday of much needed sunshine, family time, and FOOD! We had a great week in Florida over Christmas and I was so depressed when I had to come home to -20 degree weather. Major downer. I’ll give you a full recap of our Florida vacay next week but for…

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14 Must-Make Holiday Cocktails


Nothing says Christmas like a great drink and a batch of homemade cookies, watching Elf with your loved ones…. #amIright or is that just my family? I’m off to Florida tomorrow for a week so I’ll be signing off for a little vacay. I’m excited to be spending Christmas somewhere warm but I’ll miss all…

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My Go-To Holiday Look

holiday look

Oh the holidays!! Can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away? I’m off to Florida on Saturday and I am so excited for some warm weather! Let me start by saying that I am not a beauty blogger and this post is just for fun. I am not an expert so if I use…

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Wedding: What I Wore

wedding nails

I started writing this post on November  28; exactly 5 months since our wedding. I’ll eventually get to doing a recap of the whole day for you, but for now I thought I would do a little ‘What I Wore’ recap and share some wedding pictures with you. My Dress Ohh my lovely dress. I…

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Mango Kombucha Mimosa


Happy first day of December! Do you have your advent calendars ready to go for the next 25 days? I went for the David’s Tea advent calendar this year and my first tea was Forever Nuts. I can’t wait to have it for my afternoon tea today. I think it’ll be perfect with a little…

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Black Friday Wish List!

wish list

It’s the most wonderful day of the year!! Black Friday is ON and this girl has a wish list a mile long. Sadly, I’m on a budget and will probably end up with nothing from my list but I can dream! If you are brave enough to hit the stores today, good luck! Don’t get…

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