January Grocery Store Favourites

Jan grocery store favourites

Hey guys.

Now that January is over it is time for me to share my favourite grocery store finds! I missed the boat on my December favs (sorrrry) so I made sure to include a couple favs that I discovered in December but never got the chance to boast about.

The wedding is officially SO CLOSE! Gah there are so many things to do. My #shreddingforthewedding plan and money saving are both going so/so. I have been trying to steer clear of health food stores because I can spend a fortune in there so I have mostly been hitting up Sobey’s and Longo’s. As much as I love these grocery stores, they just don’t have as much variety for special items that Whole Foods or Noah’s would carry. With less frequent trips to the specialty stores, it is like travelling to an exotic place when I finally go. There are so many new treats that I need to buy! Oh right.. the budget, well I at least got to try a FEW new ones this month.



Oh boy. Kale and I are officially besties. I have been buying so much kale it is kind of crazy. So crazy that I run out to the grocery store and come home with just kale sometimes.. it’s getting out of hand. I’m adding kale to my smoothies, salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. You name it, there’s kale in it. My absolute favourite kale salad at the moment is ‘The Best Shredded Kale Salad‘ from the lovely Angela at Oh She Glows. There’s a reason she claims this as the best – IT IS SO FREAKIN GOOD. I’m not ashamed to say I ate the entire salad one night… 2 servings at dinner, one an hour later, and another after the bar. Who drunk munches kale salad you ask? This girl.

Chia Star Peach Green Tea

Chia star

This little bevy is so delicious. The guy at the grocery store told me the most popular flavour right now is the Blackberry Lime but the Peach Green Tea was calling my name.. so I got both. He told me that they were new to the store and he loved them because they are suuuper low on sugar (less than 5g and 6g of fibre).The blackberry was aiight, but the peach green tea was spectacular. It’s not often that I call a drink spectacular but this is a drink I continuously pick up at groceries.

Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut Bar

Vega sport

I am a loyal Vega girl so these Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut bars were a no brainer for me. I mean chocolate + coconut is always a win for me but when you mix in the power of Vega? Holy smokes, party in your mouth. These bars are part of their Vega Sport line to Prepare, Sustain, and Recover from workouts. I have one of these after a good cardio session and sometimes I throw one in my bag for a quick snack at work.

PB Cookie Dough Kewaza Balls


Oh where do I even begin with these little balls of goodness. I first heard of Kewaza products from our good friend Davida. She was raving about them so I thought, hey I’m guna go pick up a pack. They sell them all over Toronto – not sure where else – so they were relatively easy to find. I’ve tried pretty much all of their flavours by now (die hard) but the PB Cookie Dough is hands down my favourite. The ingredient list is so simple – dates, PB, chocolate chips – you just know you are fuelling your body right.

The Extreme Bean Garlic and Dill

extreme bean

I am not ashamed to admit that the first time I had The Extreme Bean was when I was a little tipsy at the Food and Wine show in Toronto. My friend Michele and I were at this booth for a good 20 minutes, eating all of their samples and chatting with the ladies giving them out. We couldn’t help ourselves! These beans are amazing. If you like pickles and beans, you’ll probably love these because it is a hybrid of both. Tangy and crunchy and they are perfect for a cocktail party. The regular Extreme Bean is the one we were sampling at the show but it is a bit too spicy for my liking when I’m sober. When I saw the garlic and dill flavour at Sobey’s I couldn’t get it into my cart fast enough. Go buy these!!

Chocolate Cherry Modern Oats

modern oats

Instant oats really aren’t my thing, but they are very convenient sometimes at work. You know.. those mornings where you wake up 5 minutes before you have to go to work and you literally throw contents from your fridge into your purse and figure out what to eat when you get there? Yaaa I may be the only one who does that. Anywho, the Chocolate Cherry Modern Oats are super convenient and they taste like dessert in a cup. They are vegan and gluten free and are packed with good for you ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, almonds, and cherries. There’s even a recipe on the cup to make the oats into two cookies! Genius!

Yoso Coconut Yogurt


Good vegan yogurt is hard to find. I can’t eat the soy yogurt because it has a nasty after taste. Every soy yogurt I have found has been nasty. Almond yogurt isn’t bad and I thought it was the best out there, until I discovered Yoso Coconut Yogurt. I buy the unflavoured and add some mix-ins and dig in. It is also fantastic in baked goods and smoothies. The unflavoured variety has a fairly clean ingredient list - water, Pure Organic Coconut, Rice Starch, Chicory Inulin, Natural Flavors, Non Dairy Lactic Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Carob Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum, and Non Dairy Bacterial Culture. If there are other vegan-yogurt haters out there, give this one a try and let me know what you think! Ohh and I also love this company because they are Canadian and I love to buy local!

What were your favourite grocery store finds last month?

Anything you are excited to buy this month?

19 responses to “January Grocery Store Favourites

  1. :) :) :) I need to shoot you an email with a time to meet up so I can get you more Kewaza! Been madness with the move but expect to hear from me today or tomorrow! xo

  2. I haven’t heard of half of these, which is why I really like these posts. always like to see what is new out there.

  3. Ahhh I want to try Kewaza but I don’t think we have it here..? Also–LOL kale drunk munchies. What a great idea! I was definitely on board with kale a few months ago and now I’ve been forgetting about it. Looks like I’ll need to rekindle our friendship soon!

  4. I wasn’t really a fan of instant oats either, but then I bought a box for my trip to Cali ‘just in case’ and they ended up being a lifesaver. Nothing like eating breakfast in your hotel room with oats made with hot water from the coffee maker :lol:

  5. YES to the vega bars but don’t you find the coconut so dry now? they were my favorite until they changed the formulation and now they are so dry. so i switched to the chocolate saviseed one.

  6. I need you to come teach me (more like shove it down my throat) on the ways of kale. I’m so scared of it! I can totally go for some cooked kale chips but for some reason, I’m amiss when it comes to raw kale.
    HELP! :)

  7. I freaking love kale too – it’s kind of weird. Or so my friends think. I think it’s perfectly normal?

    I tried the sweetened version of that coconut yogurt at Toronto Veg Fest, but I’ve been meaning to try out the unsweetened kind. That’s good to know it’s worth buying!

  8. I’ve never seen any of those products before except for the vega…in fact I don’t think I have ever come across them in Michigan!!

    I think that my favorite product I used is laughing cow cheese wedges – YUUMM

    Good luck with you wedding shape up :)

  9. Love kale. You can literally eat it with anything. Salad? Check. Pasta? Check. Kale wraps in place of lettuce? Check. It’s amazing!

  10. We would be GREAT roommates hahah!! So going to try the chia drink now. Gawwwwd, I love that yogurt too. I was just telling the hubby last night now we need to get more. I haven’t had it in a week, and I’m in withdrawal!! haha

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